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Function dmd.escape.checkParamArgumentEscape

Function parameter par is being initialized to arg, and par may escape. Detect if scoped values can escape this way. Print error messages when these are detected.

bool checkParamArgumentEscape (
  dmd.dscope.Scope* sc,
  FuncDeclaration fdc,
  Identifier parId,
  VarDeclaration vPar,
  dmd.astenums.STC parStc,
  Expression arg,
  bool assertmsg,
  bool gag


sc used to determine current function and module
fdc function being called, null if called indirectly
parId name of function parameter for error messages
vPar VarDeclaration corresponding to par
parStc storage classes of function parameter (may have added scope from pure)
arg initializer for param
assertmsg true if the parameter is the msg argument to assert(bool, msg).
gag do not print error messages


true if pointers to the stack can escape via assignment


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0