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Enum core.atomic.MemoryOrder

Specifies the memory ordering semantics of an atomic operation.

enum MemoryOrder : int { ... }

Enum members

acq Hoist-load + hoist-store barrier. Corresponds to LLVM AtomicOrdering.Acquire and C++11/C11 memory_order_acquire.
acq_rel Acquire + release barrier. Corresponds to LLVM AtomicOrdering.AcquireRelease and C++11/C11 memory_order_acq_rel.
raw Not sequenced. Corresponds to LLVM AtomicOrdering.Monotonic and C++11/C11 memory_order_relaxed.
rel Sink-load + sink-store barrier. Corresponds to LLVM AtomicOrdering.Release and C++11/C11 memory_order_release.
seq Fully sequenced (acquire + release). Corresponds to LLVM AtomicOrdering.SequentiallyConsistent and C++11/C11 memory_order_seq_cst.

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Sean Kelly, Alex Rønne Petersen, Manu Evans


Boost License 1.0