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Alias std.typecons.WhiteHole

WhiteHole!Base is a subclass of Base which automatically implements all abstract member functions as functions that always fail. These functions simply throw an Error and never return. Whitehole is useful for trapping the use of class member functions that haven't been implemented.

alias WhiteHole(Base) = AutoImplement!(Base,generateAssertTrap,isAbstractFunction);

The name came from Class::WhiteHole Perl module by Michael G Schwern.


Base A non-final class for WhiteHole to inherit from.

See Also

AutoImplement, generateAssertTrap


import std.exception : assertThrown;

static class C
    abstract void notYetImplemented();

auto c = new WhiteHole!C;
assertThrown!NotImplementedError(c.notYetImplemented()); // throws an Error


Andrei Alexandrescu, Bartosz Milewski, Don Clugston, Shin Fujishiro, Kenji Hara


Boost License 1.0.