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Enum member std.traits.hasFunctionAttributes

Checks whether a function has the given attributes attached.

enum hasFunctionAttributes(args...) = () { import std.algorithm.searching : canFind; import std.range : only; enum funcAttribs = only(__traits(getFunctionAttributes, args[0])); static foreach (attribute; args[1..__dollar]) { if (!funcAttribs.canFind(attribute)) return false; } return true; } ();


args Function to check, followed by a variadic number of function attributes as strings


true, if the function has the list of attributes attached and false otherwise.

See Also



real func(real x) pure nothrow @safe;
static assert(hasFunctionAttributes!(func, "@safe", "pure"));
static assert(!hasFunctionAttributes!(func, "@trusted"));

// for templates attributes are automatically inferred
bool myFunc(T)(T b)
    return !b;
static assert(hasFunctionAttributes!(myFunc!bool, "@safe", "pure", "@nogc", "nothrow"));
static assert(!hasFunctionAttributes!(myFunc!bool, "shared"));


Walter Bright, Tomasz Stachowiak (isExpressions), Andrei Alexandrescu, Shin Fujishiro, Robert Clipsham, David Nadlinger, Kenji Hara, Shoichi Kato


Boost License 1.0.