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Alias std.traits.Fields

Get as a tuple the types of the fields of a struct, class, or union. This consists of the fields that take up memory space, excluding the hidden fields like the virtual function table pointer or a context pointer for nested types. If T isn't a struct, class, interface or union returns a tuple with one element T.

alias Fields(T) = _Fields!T;


- Returned AliasSeq!(Interface) for interfaces prior to 2.097


import std.meta : AliasSeq;
struct S { int x; float y; }
static assert(is(Fields!S == AliasSeq!(int, float)));


Walter Bright, Tomasz Stachowiak (isExpressions), Andrei Alexandrescu, Shin Fujishiro, Robert Clipsham, David Nadlinger, Kenji Hara, Shoichi Kato


Boost License 1.0.