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Alias std.stdio.stdout

The standard output stream.

alias stdout = makeGlobal!(StdFileHandle.stdout);


stdout as a File.


The returned File wraps stdout, and is therefore thread global. Reassigning stdout to a different File must be done in a single-threaded or locked context in order to avoid race conditions.

All writing to stdout automatically locks the file globally, and will cause all other threads calling write to wait until the lock is released.


void main()
    stdout.writeln("Write a message to stdout.");


void main()
    import std.algorithm.iteration : filter, map, sum;
    import std.format : format;
    import std.range : iota, tee;

    int len;
    const r = 6.iota
              .filter!(a => a % 2) // 1 3 5
              .map!(a => a * 2) // 2 6 10
              .tee!(_ => stdout.writefln("len: %d", len++))

    writeln(r); // 18


void main()
    import std.algorithm.mutation : copy;
    import std.algorithm.iteration : map;
    import std.format : format;
    import std.range : iota;

    .map!(e => "N: %d".format(e))
    .copy(stdout.lockingTextWriter()); // the OutputRange


Walter Bright, Andrei Alexandrescu, Alex Rønne Petersen


Boost License 1.0.