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Alias std.stdio.stdin

The standard input stream.


alias stdin;


Due to bug 15768, it is thread un-safe to reassign stdin to a different File instance than the default.


// Read stdin, sort lines, write to stdout
import std.algorithm.mutation : copy;
import std.algorithm.sorting : sort;
import std.array : array;
import std.typecons : Yes;

void main() {
    stdin                       // read from stdin
    .byLineCopy(Yes.keepTerminator) // copying each line
    .array()                    // convert to array of lines
    .sort()                     // sort the lines
    .copy(                      // copy output of .sort to an OutputRange
        stdout.lockingTextWriter()); // the OutputRange


Walter Bright, Andrei Alexandrescu, Alex Rønne Petersen


Boost License 1.0.