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Function std.path.stripDrive

Strips the drive from a Windows path. On POSIX, the path is returned unaltered.

auto auto stripDrive(R) (
  R path
if (isRandomAccessRange!R && hasSlicing!R && isSomeChar!(ElementType!R) && !isSomeString!R);

auto auto stripDrive(C) (
  C[] path
if (isSomeChar!C);


path A pathname


A slice of path without the drive component.


version (Windows)
    writeln(stripDrive(`d:\dir\file`)); // `\dir\file`
    writeln(stripDrive(`\\server\share\dir\file`)); // `\dir\file`


Lars Tandle Kyllingstad, Walter Bright, Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz, Thomas Kühne, Andrei Alexandrescu


Boost License 1.0