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Enum std.numeric.CustomFloatFlags

Format flags for CustomFloat.

enum CustomFloatFlags : int { ... }

Enum members

allowDenorm Stores the significand in IEEE754 denormalized form when the exponent is 0. Required to express the value 0.
allowDenormZeroOnly If set, 0 is the only allowed IEEE754 denormalized number. Requires allowDenorm and storeNormalized.
ieee Include all of the IEEE754 options.
infinity Allows the storage of IEEE754 infinity values.
nan Allows the storage of IEEE754 Not a Number values.
negativeUnsigned If set, unsigned custom floats are assumed to be negative.
none Include none of the above options.
probability If set, select an exponent bias such that max_exp = 1. i.e. so that the maximum value is >= 1.0 and < 2.0. Ignored if the exponent bias is manually specified.
signed Adds a sign bit to allow for signed numbers.
storeNormalized Store values in normalized form by default. The actual precision of the significand is extended by 1 bit by assuming an implicit leading bit of 1 instead of 0. i.e. 1.nnnn instead of 0.nnnn. True for all IEE754 types


Andrei Alexandrescu, Don Clugston, Robert Jacques, Ilya Yaroshenko


Boost License 1.0.