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Alias std.exception.errnoEnforce

Enforces that the given value is true, throwing an ErrnoException if it is not.

alias errnoEnforce = enforce!ErrnoException;


value The value to test.
msg The message to include in the ErrnoException if it is thrown.


value, if cast(bool) value is true. Otherwise, new ErrnoException(msg) is thrown. It is assumed that the last operation set errno to an error code corresponding with the failed condition.


import core.stdc.stdio : fclose, fgets, fopen;
import std.file : thisExePath;
import std.string : toStringz;

auto f = fopen(thisExePath.toStringz, "r").errnoEnforce;
scope(exit) fclose(f);
char[100] buf;
auto line = fgets(buf.ptr, buf.length, f);
enforce(line !is null); // expect a non-empty line


Andrei Alexandrescu and Jonathan M Davis


Boost License 1.0