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Function std.encoding.transcode

Convert a string from one encoding to another.

void transcode(Src, Dst) (
  Src[] s,
  out Dst[] r


This function supersedes std.utf.toUTF8(), std.utf.toUTF16() and std.utf.toUTF32() (but note that to!() supersedes it more conveniently).


Unicode 5.0, ASCII, ISO-8859-1, ISO-8859-2, WINDOWS-1250, WINDOWS-1251, WINDOWS-1252


s Source string. Must be validly encoded. This is enforced by the function's in-contract.
r Destination string

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wstring ws;
// transcode from UTF-8 to UTF-16
transcode("hello world",ws);
writeln(ws); // "hello world"w

Latin1String ls;
// transcode from UTF-16 to ISO-8859-1
transcode(ws, ls);
writeln(ls); // "hello world"


Janice Caron


Boost License 1.0.