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Alias std.digest.sha.SHA512_256Digest

OOP API SHA1 and SHA2 implementations. See std.digest for differences between template and OOP API.

alias SHA512_256Digest = std.digest.WrapperDigest!(std.digest.sha.SHA!(1024,256).SHA);

This is an alias for std.digest.WrapperDigest!SHA1, see there for more information.


//Simple example, hashing a string using Digest.digest helper function
auto sha = new SHA1Digest();
ubyte[] hash = sha.digest("abc");
//Let's get a hash string
writeln(toHexString(hash)); // "A9993E364706816ABA3E25717850C26C9CD0D89D"

//The same, but using SHA-224
auto sha224 = new SHA224Digest();
ubyte[] hash224 = sha224.digest("abc");
//Let's get a hash string
writeln(toHexString(hash224)); // "23097D223405D8228642A477BDA255B32AADBCE4BDA0B3F7E36C9DA7"


//Let's use the OOP features:
void test(Digest dig)
  dig.put(cast(ubyte) 0);
auto sha = new SHA1Digest();

//Let's use a custom buffer:
ubyte[20] buf;
ubyte[] result = sha.finish(buf[]);
writeln(toHexString(result)); // "5BA93C9DB0CFF93F52B521D7420E43F6EDA2784F"


The routines and algorithms are derived from the Secure Hash Signature Standard (SHS) (FIPS PUB 180-2).
Kai Nacke, Johannes Pfau, Nick Sabalausky


Boost License 1.0.