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Function std.demangle.demangle

Demangle D mangled names.

string demangle (
  string name
) pure nothrow @safe;


name the mangled name


A string. If it is not a D mangled name, it returns its argument name.


// int b in module a
writeln(demangle("_D1a1bi")); // "int a.b"
// char array foo in module test
writeln(demangle("_D4test3fooAa")); // "char[]"


This program reads standard in and writes it to standard out, pretty-printing any found D mangled names.

import std.ascii : isAlphaNum;
import std.algorithm.iteration : chunkBy, joiner, map;
import std.algorithm.mutation : copy;
import std.conv : to;
import std.demangle : demangle;
import std.functional : pipe;
import std.stdio : stdin, stdout;

void main()
            l => l.chunkBy!(a => isAlphaNum(a) || a == '_')
                  .map!(a => a[1].pipe!(to!string, demangle)).joiner


Walter Bright, Thomas Kühne, Frits van Bommel


Boost License 1.0.