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Enum member std.conv.hexString

Converts a hex literal to a string at compile time.

enum hexString(string hexData) = mixin(hexToString(hexData));
enum hexString(wstring hexData) = mixin(hexToString(hexData));
enum hexString(dstring hexData) = mixin(hexToString(hexData));

Takes a string made of hexadecimal digits and returns the matching string by converting each pair of digits to a character. The input string can also include white characters, which can be used to keep the literal string readable in the source code.

The function is intended to replace the hexadecimal literal strings starting with 'x', which could be removed to simplify the core language.


hexData string to be converted.


a string, a wstring or a dstring, according to the type of hexData.


// conversion at compile time
auto string1 = hexString!"304A314B";
writeln(string1); // "0J1K"
auto string2 = hexString!"304A314B"w;
writeln(string2); // "0J1K"w
auto string3 = hexString!"304A314B"d;
writeln(string3); // "0J1K"d


Walter Bright, Andrei Alexandrescu, Shin Fujishiro, Adam D. Ruppe, Kenji Hara


Boost License 1.0.