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Struct dmd.tocvdebug.CvFieldList

Helper struct for field list records LF_FIELDLIST/LF_FIELDLIST_V2

struct CvFieldList ;

if the size exceeds the maximum length of a record, the last entry is an LF_INDEX entry with the type index pointing to the next field list record

Processing is done in two phases:

Phase 1: computing the size of the field list and distributing it over multiple records - construct CvFieldList with some precalculated field count/length - for each field, call count(length of field)

Phase 2: write the actual data - call alloc() to allocate debtyp's - for each field, - call writePtr() to get a pointer into the current debtyp - fill memory with field data - call written(length of field) - call debtyp() to create type records and return the index of the first one


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0