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Functions and variables specific to interface with extern(C++) ABI.

struct TargetCPP ;


exceptions boolset if catching C++ exceptions is supported
reverseOverloads boolset if overloaded functions are grouped and in reverse order (such as in dmc and cl)
runtime of the C++ runtime to link against
splitVBasetable boolset if C++ ABI uses separate tables for virtual functions and virtual bases
twoDtorInVtable booltarget C++ ABI puts deleting and non-deleting destructor into vtable
wrapDtorInExternD boolset if C++ dtors require a D wrapper to be callable from runtime


derivedClassOffset (baseClass) Get the starting offset position for fields of an extern(C++) class that is derived from the given base class.
fundamentalType (t, isFundamental) Checks whether type is a vendor-specific fundamental type.
parameterType (t) Get the type that will really be used for passing the given argument to an extern(C++) function, or null if unhandled.
thunkMangle (fd, offset) Get mangle name of a this-adjusting thunk to the given function declaration for C++ ABI.
toMangle (s) Mangle the given symbol for C++ ABI.
typeInfoMangle (cd) Get RTTI mangling of the given class declaration for C++ ABI.
typeMangle (t) Gets vendor-specific type mangling for C++ ABI.


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0