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Function dmd.sideeffect.extractSideEffect

Build a temporary variable to extract e's evaluation, if e is not trivial.

Expression extractSideEffect (
  dmd.dscope.Scope* sc,
  const(char[]) name,
  ref Expression e0,
  Expression e,
  bool alwaysCopy = false


sc scope
name name for temporary variable
e0 a new side effect part will be appended to it.
e original expression
alwaysCopy if true, build new temporary variable even if e is trivial.


When e is trivial and alwaysCopy == false, e itself is returned. Otherwise, a new VarExp is returned.


e's lvalue-ness will be handled well by STC.ref_ or STC.rvalue.


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0