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Struct dmd.doc.DocComment

struct DocComment ;


parseEscapes (escapetable, text) Parse escapes of the form: /c/string/ where c is a single character. Multiple escapes can be separated by whitespace and/or commas.
parseMacros (escapetable, pmacrotable, m) Parse macros out of Macros: section. Macros are of the form: name1 = value1
parseSections (comment) Parse next paragraph out of *pcomment. Update *pcomment to point past paragraph. Returns NULL if no more paragraphs. If paragraph ends in 'identifier:', then (*pcomment)[0 .. idlen] is the identifier.


writeln("".replaceChar(',', ",")); // ""
writeln("ab".replaceChar(',', ",")); // "ab"
writeln("a,b".replaceChar(',', ",")); // "a,b"
writeln("a,,b".replaceChar(',', ",")); // "a,,b"
writeln(",ab".replaceChar(',', ",")); // ",ab"
writeln("ab,".replaceChar(',', ",")); // "ab,"


writeln("".toLowercase); // ""
writeln("abc".toLowercase); // "abc"
writeln("ABC".toLowercase); // "abc"
writeln("aBc".toLowercase); // "abc"


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0