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Enum dmd.backend.cdef.SC

Storage classes

enum SC : ubyte { ... }

Enum members

adl list of ADL symbols for overloading
alias_ alias to another symbol
anon member of anonymous union
auto_ automatic (stack)
bprel variable at fixed offset from frame pointer
comdat initialized common block
comdef uninitialized common block
const_ constant integer
einline for extern inline functions
enum_ enum tag name
explicit explicit
extern_ external
fastpar function parameter passed in register
field bit field of struct or union
friend friend of a class
ftexpspec function template explicit specialization
funcalias alias to another function symbol
functempl function template
global top level global definition
inline for inline functions
label goto label
linkage function linkage symbol
locstat static, but local to a function
memalias alias to base class member
member member of struct or union
mutable mutable
namespace namespace
overload for overloaded function names
parameter function parameter
pseudo pseudo register variable
public_ generate a pubdef for this
register registered variable
regpar function register parameter
shadowreg function parameter passed in register, shadowed on stack
sinline for static inline functions
stack offset from stack pointer (not frame pointer)
static_ statically allocated
struct_ struct/class/union tag name
template_ class template
thread thread local
typedef_ type definition
unde undefined
virtual virtual function


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0