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Struct dmd.backend.aarray.AArray

Associative Array type.

struct AArray(TKey, Value) ;


apply (dg) For each element in the AArray, call dg(Key* pkey, Value* pvalue) If dg returns !=0, stop and return that value.
del (pkey) Delete key entry in aa[]. If key is not in aa[], do nothing.
destroy () Frees all the data used by AArray
get (pkey) Get pointer to value in associative array indexed by key. Add entry for key if it is not already there.
isIn (pkey) Determine if key is in aa.
keys () Produce array of keys from aa.
length ()
rehash () Rehash an array.
values () Produce array of values from aa.


TKey type that has members Key, getHash(), and equals()
Value value type


Walter Bright, Dave Fladebo


Distributed under the Boost Software License, Version 1.0.