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core.thread.fiber.Fiber.State/state - multiple declarations

Function Fiber.state

Gets the current state of this fiber.

final Fiber.State state() pure nothrow @property @nogc @safe const;


The state of this fiber as an enumerated value.

Enum Fiber.State

A fiber may occupy one of three states: HOLD, EXEC, and TERM.

enum State : int { ... }

Enum members

EXEC The EXEC state will be set for any fiber that is currently executing.
HOLD The HOLD state applies to any fiber that is suspended and ready to be called.
TERM The TERM state is set when a fiber terminates. Once a fiber terminates, it must be reset before it may be called again.


Sean Kelly, Walter Bright, Alex Rønne Petersen, Martin Nowak


Distributed under the Boost Software License 1.0. (See accompanying file LICENSE)