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Function core.memory.GC.addrOf

Returns the base address of the memory block containing p. This value is useful to determine whether p is an interior pointer, and the result may be passed to routines such as sizeOf which may otherwise fail. If p references memory not originally allocated by this garbage collector, if p is null, or if the garbage collector does not support this operation, null will be returned.

static inout(void)* addrOf (
  inout(void)* p
) pure nothrow @nogc @trusted;

static void* addrOf (
  void* p
) pure nothrow @nogc @trusted;


p A pointer to the root or the interior of a valid memory block or to null.


The base address of the memory block referenced by p or null on error.


Sean Kelly, Alex Rønne Petersen


Boost License 1.0