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Enum core.attribute.weak

Use this attribute to specify that a global symbol should be emitted with weak linkage. This is primarily useful in defining library functions that can be overridden by user code, though it can also be used with shared and static variables too.

enum weak : void { ... }

The overriding symbol must have the same type as the weak symbol. In addition, if it designates a variable it must also have the same size and alignment as the weak symbol.

Quote from the LLVM manual: "Note that weak linkage does not actually allow the optimizer to inline the body of this function into callers because it doesn’t know if this definition of the function is the definitive definition within the program or whether it will be overridden by a stronger definition."

This attribute is only meaningful to the GNU and LLVM D compilers. The Digital Mars D compiler emits all symbols with weak linkage by default.

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Jacob Carlborg


Boost License 1.0