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Enum core.attribute.mustuse

Use this attribute to ensure that values of a struct or union type are not discarded.

enum mustuse : void { ... }

The value of an expression is considered to be discarded if

  • the expression is the top-level expression in a statement or the left-hand expression in a comma expression, and
  • the expression is not an assignment (=, +=, etc.), increment (++), or decrement (--) expression.

If the declaration of a struct or union type has the @mustuse attribute, the compiler will emit an error any time a value of that type would be discarded.

Currently, @mustuse is only recognized by the compiler when attached to struct and union declarations. To allow for future expansion, attaching @mustuse to a class, interface, enum, or function declaration is currently forbidden, and will result in a compile-time error. All other uses of @mustuse are ignored.

Enum members



@mustuse struct ErrorCode { int value; }

extern(C) ErrorCode doSomething();

void main()
    // error: would discard a value of type ErrorCode

    ErrorCode result;
    // ok: value is assigned to a variable
    result = doSomething();

    // ok: can ignore the value explicitly with a cast
    cast(void) doSomething();


Jacob Carlborg


Boost License 1.0