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Template std.typecons.scoped

Allocates a class object right inside the current scope, therefore avoiding the overhead of new. This facility is unsafe; it is the responsibility of the user to not escape a reference to the object outside the scope.

template scoped(T) ;

The class destructor will be called when the result of scoped() is itself destroyed.

Scoped class instances can be embedded in a parent class or struct, just like a child struct instance. Scoped member variables must have type typeof(scoped!Class(args)), and be initialized with a call to scoped. See below for an example.

Contained Functions

scoped Returns the scoped object.


It's illegal to move a class instance even if you are sure there are no pointers to it. As such, it is illegal to move a scoped object.


class A
    int x;
    this()     {x = 0;}
    this(int i){x = i;}
    ~this()    {}

// Standard usage, constructing A on the stack
auto a1 = scoped!A();
a1.x = 42;

// Result of `scoped` call implicitly converts to a class reference
A aRef = a1;
writeln(aRef.x); // 42

// Scoped destruction
    auto a2 = scoped!A(1);
    writeln(a2.x); // 1
    aRef = a2;
    // a2 is destroyed here, calling A's destructor
// aRef is now an invalid reference

// Here the temporary scoped A is immediately destroyed.
// This means the reference is then invalid.
version (Bug)
    // Wrong, should use `auto`
    A invalid = scoped!A();

// Restrictions
version (Bug)
    import std.algorithm.mutation : move;
    auto invalid = a1.move; // illegal, scoped objects can't be moved
static assert(!is(typeof({
    auto e1 = a1; // illegal, scoped objects can't be copied
    assert([a1][0].x == 42); // ditto
static assert(!is(typeof({
    alias ScopedObject = typeof(a1);
    auto e2 = ScopedObject();  // illegal, must be built via scoped!A
    auto e3 = ScopedObject(1); // ditto

// Use with alias
alias makeScopedA = scoped!A;
auto a3 = makeScopedA();
auto a4 = makeScopedA(1);

// Use as member variable
struct B
    typeof(scoped!A()) a; // note the trailing parentheses

    this(int i)
        // construct member
        a = scoped!A(i);

// Stack-allocate
auto b1 = B(5);
aRef = b1.a;
writeln(aRef.x); // 5
destroy(b1); // calls A's destructor for b1.a
// aRef is now an invalid reference

// Heap-allocate
auto b2 = new B(6);
writeln(b2.a.x); // 6
destroy(*b2); // calls A's destructor for b2.a


Andrei Alexandrescu, Bartosz Milewski, Don Clugston, Shin Fujishiro, Kenji Hara


Boost License 1.0.