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Function dmd.backend.cod1.loadea

Routine to aid in setting things up for gen(). Look for common subexpression. Can handle indirection operators, but not if they're common subs.

extern(C++) void loadea (
  ref dmd.backend.codebuilder.CodeBuilder cdb,
  elem* e,
  dmd.backend.code_x86.code* cs,
  uint op,
  uint reg,
  ulong offset,
  uint keepmsk,
  uint desmsk
) nothrow @trusted;


e -> elem where we get some of the data from cs -> partially filled code to add op = opcode reg = reg field of (mod reg r/m) offset = data to be added to Voffset field keepmsk = mask of registers we must not destroy desmsk = mask of registers destroyed by executing the instruction


pointer to code generated


Walter Bright


Boost License 1.0