Does semantic analysis for statements.

Specification: Statements


Walter Bright

Source: statementsem.d

  • Declaration

    template TupleForeachArgs(bool isStatic, bool isDecl)

    Determines additional argument types for makeTupleForeach.

  • Declaration

    template TupleForeachRet(bool isStatic, bool isDecl)

    Determines the return type of makeTupleForeach.

  • Declaration

    TupleForeachRet!(isStatic, isDecl) makeTupleForeach(bool isStatic, bool isDecl)(Scope* sc, ForeachStatement fs, TupleForeachArgs!(isStatic, isDecl) args);

    See StatementSemanticVisitor.makeTupleForeach. This is a simple wrapper that returns the generated statements/declarations.