Generate the object file for function declarations and critical sections.


Walter Bright

Source: glue.d

  • Declaration

    Symbol* bzeroSymbol;

    common location for immutable zeros

  • Declaration

    Dsymbols obj_symbols_towrite;

    Append s to list of object files to generate later.

  • Declaration

    Outbuffer objbuf;

    Prepare for generating obj file.

  • Declaration

    void genObjFile(Module m, bool multiobj);

    Generate .obj file for Module.

  • Declaration

    tym_t totym(Type tx);

    Return back end type corresponding to D front end type.

  • Declaration

    Symbol* toSymbol(Type t);

  • Declaration

    Symbol* getBzeroSymbol();

    Generate readonly symbol that consists of a bunch of zeros. Immutable Symbol instances can be mapped over it. Only one is generated per object file.

    Return Value

    bzero symbol