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Compiler implementation of the D programming language.

Source traits.d

struct PushAttributes;
Dsymbol getDsymbolWithoutExpCtx(RootObject oarg);
Convert Expression or Type to corresponding Dsymbol, additionally stripping off expression contexts.
Some symbol related __traits ignore arguments expression contexts. For example:
 struct S { void f() {} }
 S s;
 pragma(msg, __traits(isNested, s.f));
 // s.f is `DotVarExp`, but `__traits(isNested)`` needs a `FuncDeclaration`.
This is used for that common __traits behavior.

Input oarg object to get the symbol for

Dsymbol the corresponding symbol for oarg
d_uns64 getTypePointerBitmap(Loc loc, Type t, Array!d_uns64* data);
get an array of size_t values that indicate possible pointer words in memory if interpreted as the type given as argument
the size of the type in bytes, d_uns64.max on error