Does name mangling for extern(D) symbols.

Specification: Name Mangling


Walter Bright,

Source: dmangle.d

  • Declaration

    package nothrow bool isValidMangling(dchar c);

    Return Value

    true if the given character is a valid mangled character

  • Declaration

    const(char)* mangleExact(FuncDeclaration fd);

    Returns exact mangled name of function.

  • Declaration

    void mangleToFuncSignature(ref OutBuffer buf, FuncDeclaration fd);

    Mangle function signatures ('this' qualifier, and parameter types) to check conflicts in function overloads. It's different from fd.type.deco. For example, fd.type.deco would be null if fd is an auto function.


    OutBuffer buf

    OutBuffer to write the mangled function signature to

    FuncDeclaration fd

    FuncDeclaration to mangle