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Change Log: 2.013

previous version: 2.012 – next version: 2.014

Download D 2.013
released Apr 22, 2008

New/Changed Features

  • Added -ignore switch to ignore unsupported pragmas.
  • Unsupported pragmas now printed out with -v switch.
  • Added opDot, which is experimental only.
  • SwitchStatements can now accept runtime initialized const and invariant case statements.
  • Changed __FILE__ and __LINE__ so they work as parameter default initializers.
  • Incorporated Benjamin Shropshire's doc changes
  • Hidden methods now get a compile time warning rather than a runtime one.
  • Html source files are now deprecated.
  • Added pure and nothrow function attributes, although their semantics are not implemented.
  • Deprecated VolatileStatement; use SynchronizedStatement instead.
  • Added __thread storage class for thread local storage. This is for testing purposes only to check out the machinery in the back end. The front end design of this will change.
  • obj2asm and dumpobj now better handle special ELF fixup records.
  • Added partial ordering rules to disambiguate function overloading.
  • std.perf: Bill Baxter cleaned it up.
  • std.xml.Document constructor now creates whole DOM tree.
  • Added std.encoding.

Bugs Fixed

previous version: 2.012 – next version: 2.014