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Change Log: 2.027

previous version: 2.026 – next version: 2.028

Download D 2.027
released Mar 31, 2009

New/Changed Features

  • Most functions in std.math are now pure nothrow. Improved speed of std.math.hypot.
  • Added response files for Linux and OSX
  • Added alias this
  • Bugzilla 2746: Make float.init signalling NaN by default
  • On Windows, if there are multiple source files on the command line they are now read with a background thread. This may speed up compilation.
  • Folded in patches for LDC compatibility from Tomas Lindquist Olsen
  • Removed etc.gamma from the library.

Bugs Fixed

  • std.math.hypot is wrong for subnormal arguments
  • Fix bug where / wasn't recognized as a path separator on Windows.
  • Bugzilla 920: Fix one more out of date reference to 'auto' rather than 'scope'
  • Bugzilla 1645: can override base class' const method with non-const method
  • Bugzilla 2319: "Win32 Exception" not very useful
  • Bugzilla 2336: link to nonexistent std_array.html
  • Bugzilla 2570: Patch for some mistakes in Ddoc comments
  • Bugzilla 2574: std.c.stdio doesn't compile: va_list not defined!
  • Bugzilla 2591: custom allocator new argument should be size_t instead of uint
  • Bugzilla 2595: template ctors crash compiler
  • Bugzilla 2596: Variadic constructors don't compile
  • Bugzilla 2626: template function not working against template struct instantiated with default arguments
  • Bugzilla 2674: Copy postblit constructor this(this) not called for members
  • Bugzilla 2689: seek behaves incorrectly on MAC OSX
  • Bugzilla 2692: alignment of double on x86 linux is incorrect
  • Bugzilla 2700: typeof tests stops compilation abruptly
  • Bugzilla 2705: Response file size cannot exceed 64kb
  • Bugzilla 2711: -H produces bad headers files if function defintion is templated and have auto return value
  • Bugzilla 2722: ICE with variadic template parameters
  • Bugzilla 2723: ICE with variadic template parameters, different case
  • Bugzilla 2724: Persistent segfaults in templated code
  • Bugzilla 2725: Pattern matching in static if not working with variadic arguments
  • Bugzilla 2727: Cyclic dependency
  • Bugzilla 2728: Bogus Error message on const ref return
  • Bugzilla 2729: hash_t undocumented and unnecessary
  • Bugzilla 2730: Restriction on op= can be lifted
  • Bugzilla 2731: Errors in associative array example
  • Bugzilla 2739: _argptr is invalid for functions nested in class methods
  • Bugzilla 2743: dumpobj gives "buss error" on Tiger
  • Bugzilla 2744: wrong init tocbuffer of forstatement
  • Bugzilla 2745: missing token tochars in lexer.c
  • Bugzilla 2747: improper toCBuffer of funcexp
  • Bugzilla 2750: Optimize slice copy with size known at compile time
  • Bugzilla 2751: incorrect scope storage class vardeclaration tocbuffer
  • Bugzilla 2752: std.xml does not encode CData correctly
  • Bugzilla 2754: The error message regarding implicit conversion to shared doesn't mention shared in the message.
  • Bugzilla 2755: ICE on invalid ref returns in linked objects: Assertion failure: 'type' on line 6566 in file 'expression.c'. No ICE or error if invalid code is local to the file.
  • Bugzilla 2756: Bad code generation for pure nothrow math functions
  • Bugzilla 2761: Unreachable statement warning in std.string
  • Bugzilla 2763: std.mangle.demangle not translating 'ya'
  • Bugzilla 2766: DMD hangs with 0%cpu
  • Bugzilla 2767: DMD incorrectly mangles NTFS stream names
  • Bugzilla 2772: lib can't open response file
previous version: 2.026 – next version: 2.028