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Change Log: 2.022

previous version: 2.021 – next version: 2.023

Download D 2.022
released Dec 11, 2008

New/Changed Features

  • Changed IUnknown to use the extern(System) interface rather that extern(Windows).
  • Pure functions now get semantically checked.
  • Nothrow functions now get semantically checked.
  • shared is now a type constructor.

Bugs Fixed

  • Bugzilla 1518: Crash using 'scope', 'with' and undefined 'RegExp'
  • Bugzilla 1649: Variant coercion fails with delegates
  • Bugzilla 1685: Array index is evaluated twice
  • Bugzilla 1933: Delimited string constants can cause segfault
  • Bugzilla 1963: -H creates broken headers
  • Bugzilla 2041: Spec implies relationship between interfaces and COM objects
  • Bugzilla 2105: added patch
  • Bugzilla 2441: header file generation translates enum to manifest
  • Bugzilla 2468: result type of AndAndExp and OrOrExp deduced incorrectly
  • Bugzilla 2489: import in struct causes assertion failure
  • Bugzilla 2490: extern(C++) can not handle structs as return types
  • Bugzilla 2491: druntime GC wrongly frees data pointed to by TLS.
  • Bugzilla 2492: ICE building on Linux with -lib option
  • Bugzilla 2499: Template alias default value cannot be template instantiation
  • Bugzilla 2500: template struct methods are left unresolved if imported from multiple modules
  • Bugzilla 2501: member function marked as final override ignores override requirements
  • Bugzilla 2503: Error 42: Symbol Undefined _D3std7process6systemFAyaZi
  • Bugzilla 2506: Can't initialize const member in ctor if it is accessed via this.member syntax
  • Incorporated some of the patches from Bugzilla 1752
  • extern __thread now works on Linux.
previous version: 2.021 – next version: 2.023