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Change Log: 2.097.2

previous version: 2.097.1 – next version: 2.098.0

Download D 2.097.2
released Aug 09, 2021

2.097.2 comes with 12 fixed Bugzilla issues. A huge thanks goes to the 7 contributors who made 2.097.2 possible.

List of all bug fixes and enhancements in D 2.097.2.

List of all bug fixes and enhancements in D 2.097.2:

DMD Compiler regression fixes

  1. Bugzilla 22133: [REG2.097] Breaking change in DotTemplateExp type semantics leading to e.g. isInputRange regression
  2. Bugzilla 22157: Bad diagnostic for static/non-static overload resolution conflict
  3. Bugzilla 22170: interface thunk doesn't set EBX to GOT

DMD Compiler bug fixes

  1. Bugzilla 21912: delegate assigned to return scope variable needs closure
  2. Bugzilla 22144: ICE(dcast.d): Floating point exception in castTo::CastTo::visit(Expression*) at dmd/dcast.d:1702
  3. Bugzilla 22179: core.stdcpp.utility is missing in dmd binary dist

Phobos regression fixes

  1. Bugzilla 22176: Nullable creates autogenerated opAssign, triggering invariants

Druntime regression fixes

  1. Bugzilla 21110: OOB memory access, safety violation
  2. Bugzilla 22178: [REG 2.097] Compilers do not compile on Musl Libc

Druntime bug fixes

  1. Bugzilla 22166: On OpenBSD and Android make htonl, htons, ntohl, & ntohs work correctly on big endian architectures
  2. Bugzilla 22167: OpenBSD core.sys.posix.semaphore: sem_t should be a pointer to an opaque struct
  3. Bugzilla 22168: Fix non-compiling ELF32_M_INFO & ELF64_M_INFO in core.sys..sys.elf32 & core.sys..sys.elf64 for DragonFlyBSD, FreeBSD, NetBSD, & OpenBSD

Contributors to this release (7)

A huge thanks goes to all the awesome people who made this release possible.

previous version: 2.097.1 – next version: 2.098.0