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Change Log: 2.083.1

previous version: 2.083.0

Download D 2.083.1
released Dec 08, 2018

2.083.1 comes with 5 fixed Bugzilla issues. A huge thanks goes to the 9 contributors who made 2.083.1 possible.

List of all bug fixes and enhancements in D 2.083.1.

List of all bug fixes and enhancements in D 2.083.1:

DMD Compiler regressions

  1. Bugzilla 19337: [Reg 2.082.0] Cannot call std.algorithm.sort twice
  2. Bugzilla 19419: [REG2.080.1] @disabled this() will print wrong error if calling non-default constructor with wrong parameters

DMD Compiler bugs

  1. Bugzilla 19163: static/tuple foreach counted incorrectly in coverage analysis
  2. Bugzilla 19393: Structure dtor isn't called after passed to T[]... argument. Memory leaks issue

Phobos regressions

  1. Bugzilla 19444: hasRawAliasing loops on class with static array, cannot swap class refs

Contributors to this release (9)

A huge thanks goes to all the awesome people who made this release possible.

previous version: 2.083.0