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Change Log: 2.026

previous version: 2.025 – next version: 2.027

Download D 2.026
released Mar 3, 2009

New/Changed Features

  • Escape string literals deprecated, see Bugzilla 2658
  • Tripled speed of exp, expm1, and exp2. std.math is now less dependent on the C standard library.
  • Added nested structs.
  • Added buildable dmd source.
  • Many changes to std.math for speed, accuracy, and Tango compatibility:
    • Improved accuracy of exp, expm1, exp2, sinh, cosh, tanh on Mac OSX, and tripled speed on all platforms.
    • Now using IEEE754-2008 camelCase names for isNaN, isFinite, isNormal, isSubnormal, isInfinity. Aliases for the old names have been retained.
    • The non-functional nan(char[]) is replaced with NaN, getNaNpayload.

Bugs Fixed

previous version: 2.025 – next version: 2.027