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Change Log: 2.002

previous version: 2.001 – next version: 2.003

Download D 2.002
released Jul 1, 2007

New/Changed Features

  • Renamed linux library from libphobos.a to libphobos2.a

Bugs Fixed

  • Bugzilla 540: Nested template member function error - "function expected before ()"
  • Bugzilla 559: Final has no effect on methods
  • Bugzilla 627: Concatenation of strings to string arrays with ~ corrupts data
  • Bugzilla 629: Misleading error message "Can only append to dynamic arrays"
  • Bugzilla 639: Escaped tuple parameter ICEs dmd
  • Bugzilla 641: Complex string operations in template argument ICEs dmd
  • Bugzilla 657: version(): ignored
  • Bugzilla 689: Clean up the spec printfs!
  • Bugzilla 1103: metastrings.ToString fails for long > 0xFFFF_FFFF
  • Bugzilla 1107: CodeView: wrong CV type for bool
  • Bugzilla 1118: weird switch statement behaviour
  • Bugzilla 1186: Bind needs a small fix
  • Bugzilla 1199: Strange error messages when indexing empty arrays or strings at compile time
  • Bugzilla 1200: DMD crash: some statements containing only a ConditionalStatement with a false condition
  • Bugzilla 1203: Cannot create Anonclass in loop
  • Bugzilla 1204: segfault using struct in CTFE
  • Bugzilla 1206: Compiler hangs on this() after method in class that forward references struct
  • Bugzilla 1207: Documentation on destructors is confusing
  • Bugzilla 1211: mixin("__LINE__") gives incorrect value
  • Bugzilla 1212: dmd generates bad line info
  • Bugzilla 1216: Concatenation gives 'non-constant expression' outside CTFE
  • Bugzilla 1217: Dollar ($) seen as non-constant expression in non-char[] array
  • Bugzilla 1219: long.max.stringof gets corrupted
  • Bugzilla 1224: Compilation does not stop on asserts during CTFE
  • Bugzilla 1228: Class invariants should not be called before the object is fully constructed
  • Bugzilla 1233: std.string.ifind(char[] s, char[] sub) fails on certain non ascii strings
  • Bugzilla 1234: Occurrence is misspelled almost everywhere
  • Bugzilla 1235: std.string.tolower() fails on certain utf8 characters
  • Bugzilla 1236: Grammar for Floating Literals is incomplete
  • Bugzilla 1239: ICE when empty tuple is passed to variadic template function
  • Bugzilla 1242: DMD AV
  • Bugzilla 1244: Type of array length is unspecified
  • Bugzilla 1247: No time zone info for India
  • Bugzilla 1285: Exception typedefs not distinguished by catch
  • Bugzilla 1287: Iterating over an array of tuples causes "glue.c:710: virtual unsigned int Type::totym(): Assertion 0 failed."
  • Bugzilla 1290: Two ICEs, both involving real, imaginary, ? : and +=.
  • Bugzilla 1291: .stringof for a class type returned from a template doesn't work
  • Bugzilla 1292: Template argument deduction doesn't work
  • Bugzilla 1294: referencing fields in static arrays of structs passed as arguments generates invalid code
  • Bugzilla 1295: Some minor errors in the lexer grammar
previous version: 2.001 – next version: 2.003