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Change Log: 2.003

previous version: 2.002 – next version: 2.004

Download D 2.003
released Jul 21, 2007

New/Changed Features

  • Added 0x78 Codeview extension for type dchar.
  • Moved next member from Object.Error to Object.Exception
  • Added ForeachRangeStatement
  • .
  • Added extern (System)
  • Added std.traits
  • Bugzilla 345: updated std.uni.isUniAlpha to Unicode 5.0.0

Bugs Fixed

  • Bugzilla 46: Included man files should be updated
  • Bugzilla 268: Bug with SocketSet and classes
  • Bugzilla 406: std.loader is broken on linux
  • Bugzilla 561: Incorrect duplicate error message when trying to create instance of interface
  • Bugzilla 588: lazy argument and nested symbol support to std.demangle
  • Bugzilla 668: Use of *.di files breaks the order of static module construction
  • Bugzilla 1110: std.format.doFormat + struct without toString() == crash
  • Bugzilla 1300: Issues with struct in compile-time function
  • Bugzilla 1306: extern (Windows) should work like extern (C) for variables
  • Bugzilla 1318: scope + ref/out parameters are allowed, contrary to spec
  • Bugzilla 1320: Attributes spec uses 1.0 const semantics in 2.0 section
  • Bugzilla 1331: header file genaration generates a ":" instead of ";" at pragma
  • Bugzilla 1332: Internal error: ../ztc/cod4.c 357
  • Bugzilla 1333: -inline ICE: passing an array element to an inner class's constructor in a nested function, all in a class or struct
  • Bugzilla 1336: Internal error when trying to construct a class declared within a unittest from a templated class.
previous version: 2.002 – next version: 2.004