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D release schedule

The release schedule for 2024 is as follows:

2024-01-012.107.0-beta.1first beta for 2.107.0
2024-02-012.107.0minor release
2024-03-012.108.0-beta.1first beta for 2.108.0
2024-04-012.108.0minor release
2024-05-012.109.0-beta.1first beta for 2.109.0
2024-06-012.109.0minor release
2024-07-012.110.0-beta.1first beta for 2.110.0
2024-08-012.110.0minor release
2024-09-012.111.0-beta.1first beta for 2.111.0
2024-10-012.111.0minor release
2024-11-012.112.0-beta.1first beta for 2.112.0
2024-12-012.112.0minor release