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Change Log: 2.034

previous version: 2.033 – next version: 2.035

Download D 2.034
released Oct 11, 2009

New/Changed Features

Bugs Fixed

  • Bugzilla 258: Undefined identifier error for circular import
  • Bugzilla 1140: ICE(cod1.c) casting last function parameter to 8 byte value
  • Bugzilla 1592: dmd fail to resolve class symbol when i put files in a package
  • Bugzilla 2687: ICE(statement.c): tuple foreach in an erroneous template.
  • Bugzilla 2773: ICE(go.c) array assignment through a pointer, only with -O.
  • Bugzilla 2829: ICE(expression.c) static array block-initialized in struct literal
  • Bugzilla 3006: ICE(e2ir.c, tocsym.c) template module using array operation
  • Bugzilla 3041: Array slices can be compared to their element type: bad codegen or ICE
  • Bugzilla 3042: Segfault on incorrect override
  • Bugzilla 3101: Stack overflow: declaring aggregate member twice with static if
  • Bugzilla 3119: Segfault(expression.c) template function overloads with function with same name in other module
  • Bugzilla 3174: ICE(mtype.c): Compiler crash or compiler error with auto returns and const / immutable / invarient / pure
  • Bugzilla 3176: Compiler hangs on poorly formed mixin in variadic template
  • Bugzilla 3261: compiler crash with mixin and forward reference
  • Bugzilla 3286: Default parameter prevents to resolve inter-module circular dependency
  • Bugzilla 3301: Undefined identifier error dependent on order of imports when a circular import is involved
  • Bugzilla 3325: ICE(func.c) function literal with post-contract
  • Bugzilla 3343: Crash by "auto main(){}"
  • Bugzilla 3344: ICE(e2ir.c) returning an invalid function from main()
  • Bugzilla 3357: ICE(cod1.c) using 'in' with a static char array as AA key
  • Bugzilla 3366: Segfault(declaration.c) variadic template with unmatched constraint
  • Bugzilla 3374: [tdpl] ICE(init.c): Associative array type not inferred
previous version: 2.033 – next version: 2.035