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Change Log: 2.108.1

previous version: 2.108.0 – next version: 2.109.0

Download D 2.108.1
released May 01, 2024

2.108.1 comes with 10 fixed Bugzilla issues. A huge thanks goes to the 12 contributors who made 2.108.1 possible.

List of all bug fixes and enhancements in D 2.108.1.

List of all bug fixes and enhancements in D 2.108.1:

DMD Compiler regression fixes

  1. Bugzilla 23657: [REG2.101] Incorrect error escape reference to stack allocated value
  2. Bugzilla 24436: a array be overwritten when other array be written
  3. Bugzilla 24479: [REG2.104] Error on getAttributes on getOverloads of templates
  4. Bugzilla 24505: [REG2.108] ImportC: Function-like macros (newly translated to templates) may collide with regular symbols
  5. Bugzilla 24519: compiler segfault on default argument with slice operator []

DMD Compiler bug fixes

  1. Bugzilla 24495: ImportC: Struct initialization expression fails to initialize field
  2. Bugzilla 24509: importC cannot handle _stdcall Function Calling Convention with single heading underscore
  3. Bugzilla 24511: __stdcall functions from C are extern(C) in D.

Phobos regression fixes

  1. Bugzilla 24481: retro no longer works with types that support assignment but not moving

Druntime regression fixes

  1. Bugzilla 24498: Multidimensional array not scanned by GC

Contributors to this release (12)

A huge thanks goes to all the awesome people who made this release possible.

previous version: 2.108.0 – next version: 2.109.0