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Change Log: 2.088.1

previous version: 2.088.0

Download D 2.088.1
released Oct 11, 2019

2.088.1 comes with 6 fixed Bugzilla issues. A huge thanks goes to the 9 contributors who made 2.088.1 possible.

List of all bug fixes and enhancements in D 2.088.1.

List of all bug fixes and enhancements in D 2.088.1:

DMD Compiler bugs

  1. Bugzilla 20223: C++, POSIX: Wrong mangling for const reference of callback
  2. Bugzilla 20224: Segfault when using ref parameter on a templated struct (C++ mangling)

Druntime regressions

  1. Bugzilla 20219: Idle D programs keep consuming CPU in Gcx.scanBackground
  2. Bugzilla 20227: "Aborting from src/core/sync/event.d(141) Error: pthread_mutex_destroy failed." after fork()
  3. Bugzilla 20256: problem with signal handling and parallel GC on linux

Druntime bugs

  1. Bugzilla 20271: Handle forking in the GC

Contributors to this release (9)

A huge thanks goes to all the awesome people who made this release possible.

previous version: 2.088.0