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Change Log: 2.047

previous version: 2.046 – next version: 2.048

Download D 2.047
released Jun 11, 2010

New/Changed Features

  • Changed "op=" to just "op" for template argument to opOpAssign
  • std.algorithm: Added save() to forward ranges; added split() using only one element as separator; added indexOf; fixed unlisted bug in startsWith and endsWith; added skipOver(); added canFind().
  • std.array: Added implementation of save() for T[]s.
  • std.concurrency: Eliminated spurious unittest stdout messages.
  • std.container: Added.
  • std.conv: Added file and line information to conversion errors; added brackets '[' and ']' around arrays and associative arrays as defaults; added emplace() for non-class types.
  • std.file: Replaced exception upon out-of-memory error with assert(0).
  • std.functional: toDelegate now accepts callable(function pointers, delegates and objects implement opCall)
  • std.path: Made basename() generic in string type.
  • std.range: Added the existence of the property save as a condition for isForwardRange; added save to the range defined within; replaced a couple of awkward front() implementations; defined module-level moveFront() and range member moveFront() where appropriate; added @property maxLength to Take; arranged things such that take() for slice-able ranges returns the same type as the slice; eliminated SListRange; defined iota() with one argument; moved BinaryHeap within.
  • std.regex: Qualified indexOf with std.algorithm.
  • std.regexp: Qualified indexOf with std.algorithm.
  • std.stdio: Added an error message to enforce() in rawRead().
  • std.string: Improved indexOf(), tolower(), splitter(), chomp().
  • std.traits: Added templates to get compile-time information about functions.
  • std.typecons: Added AutoImplement.
  • std.utf: Eliminated decodeFront() and decodeBack() - they aren't needed since strings are bidirectional ranges.
  • Bugzilla 2008: Poor optimization of functions with ref parameters
  • Bugzilla 3793: Functions with static arrays as arguments are not inlined
  • Bugzilla 4296: Reduce parasitic error messages

Bugs Fixed

  • Bugzilla 1193: regression: "matches more than one template declaration" doesn't list the location of the conflicting templates
  • Bugzilla 1894: scope(exit) is ignored except in compound statements
  • Bugzilla 1941: missing line on inaccesable external private module member
  • Bugzilla 2127: inliner turns struct "return *this" from by-value into by-ref
  • Bugzilla 2276: Error message missing line number on array operation
  • Bugzilla 2546: Array Ops silently fail when no slice symbol is used.
  • Bugzilla 2738: Rebindable should work for interfaces.
  • Bugzilla 2835: std.socket.TcpSocket doesn't actually connect
  • Bugzilla 2881: x.stringof returns typeof(x).stringof when x is an enum
  • Bugzilla 3064: Invalid array operation accepted, generates bad code
  • Bugzilla 3088: std.xml.check() fails on xml comments
  • Bugzilla 3139: compiler dies "Error: out of memory" with case range
  • Bugzilla 3200: std.xml doesn't follow spec for Tag.text
  • Bugzilla 3323: Segfault or ICE(e2ir.c) using struct with destructor almost anywhere
  • Bugzilla 3398: Attributes inside a union screws data alignment
  • Bugzilla 3465: isIdeographic can be wrong in std.xml
  • Major improvements to CustomFloat, fixing Bugzilla 3520: std.numeric.CustomFloat horribly broken
  • Bugzilla 3538: Default value of alias template parameter is instantiated only once.
  • Bugzilla 3547: for option -od for relative path the path is added twice
  • Bugzilla 3548: ICE occurs when an array is returned from a function is incorrectly used in an array op expression.
  • Bugzilla 3604: extern(C) callable function with array parameters broken
  • Bugzilla 3651: mangleof broken for enums
  • Bugzilla 3653: Problem sorting array of Rebindable
  • Bugzilla 3658: Crashing on vector operations (Mac only)
  • Bugzilla 3662: Wrong compile error within struct constructor and C-style initializer
  • Bugzilla 3667: Regression(D2 only): broken out(result) in contracts
  • Bugzilla 3786: bug in std.string.removechars
  • Bugzilla 3854: Error on static initialization of arrays with trailing comma.
  • Bugzilla 3873: std.range.repeat should have popBack defined
  • Bugzilla 3876: std.range.Take back/popBack methods don't work correctly
  • Bugzilla 3880: std.regex functions with const/immutable Regex object
  • Bugzilla 4003: The result changes only with the order of source files.
  • Bugzilla 4045: [CTFE] increasing array length
  • Bugzilla 4052: [CTFE] increment from array item
  • Bugzilla 4056: Template instantiation with bare parameter not documented
  • Bugzilla 4073: core.cpuid crashes
  • Bugzilla 4078: [CTFE] Failed return of dynamic array item
  • Bugzilla 4084: Ignored missing main() closing bracket
  • Bugzilla 4109: writeln doesn't work with empty static array
  • Bugzilla 4143: fix warnings in dmd build
  • Bugzilla 4156: Segfault with array+=array
  • Bugzilla 4169: building dmd with a modern gcc produces a buggy compiler
  • Bugzilla 4175: linux.mak doesn't declare sufficient dependencies to support parallel builds
  • Bugzilla 4188: std.file.remove throws Exception on success
  • Bugzilla 4193: Regression 2.046, ICE(expression.c): initialising class member with const forward reference
  • Bugzilla 4202: Changset 1517 doesn't compile
  • Bugzilla 4207: std.cover.setDestDir does not work.
  • Bugzilla 4208: druntime should not depend on Phobos
  • Bugzilla 4212: DWARF: void arrays cause gdb errors
  • Bugzilla 4213: Strange behaviour with static void[] arrays
  • Bugzilla 4219: hasAliasing does not care about immutable
  • Bugzilla 4220: I cannot apply @safe to intrinsic operation(eg: std.math.sqrt)
  • Bugzilla 4228: std.array.replace contains 2 bugs
  • Bugzilla 4230: version(unittest)
  • Bugzilla 4231: Solitary opUnary Postincrement and Postdecrement user defined operators are broken.
  • Bugzilla 4242: ICE(module.c): importing a module with same name as package
  • Bugzilla 4249: std.regex fails to compile with debug=regex
  • Bugzilla 4252: [CTFE] No array bounds checking in assignment to char[] array
  • Bugzilla 4257: ICE(interpret.c): passing parameter into CTFE as ref parameter
  • Bugzilla 4259: Header generation omits leading '@' for properties
  • Bugzilla 4262: Header generation omits 'enum' for enum declarations
  • Bugzilla 4263: Header generation omits '@system' attribute
  • Bugzilla 4270: Missing line number in 'can only catch class objects' error message
  • Bugzilla 4300: BigInt * int doesn't work well
previous version: 2.046 – next version: 2.048