DustMite: The General-Purpose Data Reduction Tool

If you’ve been around for a while, or are a particularly adventurous developer who enjoys mixing language features in interesting ways, you may have run into one compiler bug or two: Implementation bugs are inevitably a part of using cutting-edge programming languages. Should you run into one, the steps to proceed are generally as follows:… Continue reading DustMite: The General-Purpose Data Reduction Tool

D 2.091.0 Released

The latest release of DMD, the D reference compiler, ships with 18 major changes and 66 bugfixes from 55 contributors. This release contains, among other goodies, improvements to the Windows experience and enhancements to C and C++ interoperability. As fate would have it, the initial release announcement came in the aftermath of some unfortunate news… Continue reading D 2.091.0 Released

DMD 2.089.0 Released

The latest release of DMD, the D reference compiler, is ready for download. It’s a relatively light release in terms of changes and features, with 11 major changes and 66 closed Bugzilla issues. Most of the changes cover narrow use cases. To highlight a few: proper non-D mangling in template mixins, a renamed default linker,… Continue reading DMD 2.089.0 Released

DStep 1.0.0

DStep is a tool for automatically generating D bindings for C and Objective-C libraries. This is implemented by processing C or Objective-C header files and outputting D modules. DStep uses the Clang compiler as a library (libclang) to process the header files. Background The first version of DStep was released on the 7th of July,… Continue reading DStep 1.0.0

Project Highlight: Spasm

Spasm allows Single Page Apps to be written in D and compiled into WebAssembly. In this post, Spasm creator and maintainer Sebastiaan Koppe explains how the project came about, what it does, and where it’s going.