The GC Series

GC Fundamentals

Don’t Fear the Reaper — a basic introduction to the GC, the language features that use it, and simple strategies to mitigate any potential negative impact.

Life in the Fast Lane — a basic introduction to avoiding the GC and profiling its usage.

Go Your Own Way (Part One: The Stack) — using the stack to avoid GC allocations

Go Your Own Way (Part Two: The Heap) — allocating memory from the non-GC heap, slicing it, instantiating object instances from it, and mixing it with GC memory in the same program.

Symphony of Destruction: Structs, Classes and the GC (Part One) — a look at how destructors in D play two incompatible roles, and some basic guidelines on how to distinguish between them.

Tools and Strategies

automem: Hands-Free RAII for D — automem is a library that provides C++-style smart pointers that integrate with std.experimental.allocator.