D in Production

A number of companies are using D in production. Some of them write about their projects and their experience with D on their company blogs. In 2017, the D Blog began a new series intended to highlight the projects for which these companies are using D, some of the ways they have put it to work, and some of the personal experiences of those writing D code.

Funkwerk AG

Project Highlight: Funkwerk — introduces Funkwerk‘s in-production passenger information system, which they converted from Java to D1, then ultimately to D2.

The Evolution of the accessors Library by Ronny Spiegel — a post about Funkwerk’s open source library that uses D’s compile-time features to generate property getters and setters.

Unit Testing In Action by Mario Kröplin —  describes how Funkwerk uses D’s built-in unit testing feature and some of the open source libraries that enhance it.

User Stories: Funkwerk by Michael Schnelle, Ronny Spiegel, and Stefan Rohe — three Funkwerk developers talk about their favorite D features and the company’s community outreach.