The New New DIP Process

When I took on the role of DIP Manager last year, my number one goal was to clear out the queue. I made a few revisions to the process and got busy. Over the next few months, things went along fairly well, not so much from anything I did as from the quality of the submissions. But at some point, things broke down and the process stalled.

The State of D 2018 Survey

This is your chance to turn your praise, complaints, and nitpicks into action. By participating in the State of D survey, you’ll be providing guidance to the D Language Foundation to help identify both short and long-term goals for the future development of D and its ecosystem.

Project Highlight: The D Community Hub

Sometimes projects are abandoned. Sometimes they aren’t updated as frequently as users would like. This can become an issue for those who depend upon these projects, but it’s alleviated by the fact that most D projects are open source and their repositories are publicly available. All it takes to keep a project alive and up-to-date are more volunteers willing to pitch in. That’s the motivation behind the dlang-community organization at GitHub.

The #dbugfix Campaign

Every major release of DMD comes with a list of closed issues from Bugzilla. For example, looking at the changelog for DMD 2.078.0 shows the following counts for closed regressions, bugs, and enhancements: 51 for the compiler, 37 for the standard library, 6 for the runtime, 17 for the website, and 1 for the linker. That’s 112 total issues, the majority related to the compiler. The total number of closed issues fluctuates between releases, but the compiler and standard library normally get the lion’s share.

The DConf Experience

April 23rd, the deadline for DConf 2017 registrations, is just a few days away. Personally, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to attend this year or not, but fortunately things worked out. While I’m looking forward to more great presentations this year, that’s not what keeps drawing me back (or makes me regret being… Continue reading The DConf Experience

Ruminations on D: An Interview with Walter Bright

Joakim is the resident interviewer for the D Blog. He has also interviewed members of the D community for This Week in D and is responsible for the Android port of LDC. Walter Bright is the creator and first implementer of the D programming language. He was an early developer of C++ compilers starting from… Continue reading Ruminations on D: An Interview with Walter Bright

The Why and Wherefore of the New D Improvement Proposal Process

When a programmer sees fellow programmers contributing code to open source projects, it is unlikely that the question of why will ever come to mind in terms of motive. Regarding technical merit or usefulness, sure. But motive? Coders who are inclined to contribute bug fixes, new features, build systems, or other resources to open source… Continue reading The Why and Wherefore of the New D Improvement Proposal Process

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The DLang Vision and Improvement Process

The evolution of D has been a process of steady, if not always speedy, improvement. In the early days, Walter was the only person working on the language, the reference compiler, and the standard library, though he did accept contributions. Today, numerous people contribute to or maintain a piece of every aspect of D’s development.… Continue reading The DLang Vision and Improvement Process

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The D Website and You

For those who have been around the D community for a long time, it’s all too easy to look at the website we have today and think how much better it is than anything we’ve had in the past. It’s miles ahead. Unfortunately, that perspective doesn’t lend itself well to recognizing actual problems that newcomers… Continue reading The D Website and You

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