Communal Benevolence Required

DConf 2018 is coming up fast. The final pieces of preparation are soon to fall into place and then the day will be upon us. Already, we’re looking at what comes next.

We recently put out a survey to gather a good deal of feedback from the community. At that time, we promised that the survey results would be used to guide some initiatives going forward. Though we’ve been silent on that front, it’s still in the works. You should be hearing an announcement at DConf about the first such initiative, and a subsequent blog post will lay out the framework we’ll be following going forward.

One thing all of our initiatives will have in common is that they will require resources. That, unfortunately, is not something the D Language Foundation has in large quantities. Whether we’re talking about time, money, or manpower, D’s development is constrained by the limited resources available. Fortunately for us, one can be used to drum up the other two, so in the absence of enough folks able to donate their time and manpower, we’ll be relying on donations of money to buy what we need to meet the community’s goals.

The same holds for DConf. In order to keep the registration fees relatively affordable, reimburse the speakers, buy the T-shirts, and fund all of the costs associated with the event, the Foundation uses money from the donation pool to cover what the registrations don’t. That’s exactly the sort of thing the donations are for, of course, but the more we dip into the pool for the conference, the longer it takes to replenish after.

So if you’re looking to help the D community, this is an excellent way to do it. You can head over to our OpenCollective page, or choose one of the alternatives on our donation page at, and throw a few dollars at us. Leave a note on the donation form letting us know you’re doing this to support DConf 2018.

As a reminder, if you haven’t registered for DConf and aren’t planning to, the Hackathon on May 5th is open to all. So if you’re in the area that day, come on in and see us!