DConf 2018 Programme & Open Registration

The programme for DConf 2018, May 2–5 in Munich, has been published and general registration is now open.

As always, we’ve got keynotes from Walter and Andrei, and an invited guest speaker, this time in the form of Martin Odersky, professor at EPFL and creator of the Scala language. Our closing keynote comes in the pleasant shape of Liran Zvibel, CEO of WekaIO. In between we’ve got another strong lineup of speakers this year, covering a number of topics from the familiar to the new.

We’ve got experience reports, both commercial and personal, web app development, design methodology, the runtime, tooling, and more. Two topics not seen at DConf before include using D for blockchain application development and in genomic bioinformatics. Some of the Foundation’s scholarship students are back for their progress reports, we’ve got our traditional round of Lightning Talks, and Walter and Andrei will be taking the stage in an Ask us Anything session at the end of Day One!

Don’t forget, we’re running another Hackathon this year. Those who stick around on May 5 (and we hope everyone does) can get together for the morning and afternoon sessions to mingle, talk, hack, and squash bugs. It’s not a hackathon in the traditional sense, but one that is driven by those who attend. Find D coders to help you with your projects, contribute to other D projects, hack at some bugs from the D bug tracker, brainstorm ideas for making the D programming experience better… just go where it takes you.

21 hours of talks and an all-day Hackathon are nothing to sneeze at, but there’s much more to DConf than that. It’s the meetup of meetups for members of the D community, a chance to put faces to names and establish real-world relationships with those we’ve only met online. It’s an opportunity to introduce the language to those who don’t know it well and welcome them into the community. Some of the best DConf memories are made in between the talks, in the restaurants at dinner, and in the hotel lobby, where you’ll find an ongoing stream of interesting and intelligent conversation. And don’t forget the great German beer!

So book your flights and your rooms, pack your bags, and register for Four Days of DLang at DConf 2018 in Munich!