Project Highlight: Spasm

Spasm allows Single Page Apps to be written in D and compiled into WebAssembly. In this post, Spasm creator and maintainer Sebastiaan Koppe explains how the project came about, what it does, and where it’s going.

Project Highlight: The D Community Hub

Sometimes projects are abandoned. Sometimes they aren’t updated as frequently as users would like. This can become an issue for those who depend upon these projects, but it’s alleviated by the fact that most D projects are open source and their repositories are publicly available. All it takes to keep a project alive and up-to-date are more volunteers willing to pitch in. That’s the motivation behind the dlang-community organization at GitHub.

Project Highlight: BSDScheme

Last year, Phil Eaton started working on BSDScheme, a Scheme interpreter that he ultimately intends to support Scheme R7RS. In college, he had completed two compiler projects in C++ for two different courses. One was a Scheme to Forth compiler, the other an implementation of the Tiger language from Andrew Appel’s ‘Modern Compiler Implementation’ books.

Project Highlight: Funkwerk

Funkwerk is a German company that develops intelligent communication technology. One of their projects is a passenger information system for long-distance and local transport that is deployed by long-distance rail networks in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Norway and Luxembourg, as well as city railways in Berlin and Munich. The system is developed at the company’s Munich… Continue reading Project Highlight: Funkwerk